Current Openings

  • Full Time Coach

We are looking for people who are committed to making a career in the fitness industry. Through our program, you would learn not only how to be an impactful coach, but also how to build a sustainable financial future. We believe that the best way to make a career in fitness is through a combination of coaching one-on-one clients, leading group classes, and taking on 1 or 2 roles outside of coaching like nutrition, programming, events, social media, etc.  


We are looking for someone to lead 10-15 hours per week of CrossFit, Q4 and Pivot group classes, as well as lead our on-ramp program with new clients.  We are seeking an individual who aligns with our mission and core values and aspires to become a full-time coach, whether they are ready now, or believe they can work their way towards this role in the future.

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